Industrial sector

The industrial sector is an essential part of the country’s economy. Only in Spain it represents more than 20% of the gross domestic product, with which the companies that work for him know that we can only offer professional services.

Being composed of very different activities, it is necessary to know the requirements of each of them in terms of the automation of processes and the manufacture of electrical panels: not all materials are valid for each sector division, nor will the electrical energy they need be the same.

Therefore, at CEARA we have learned to adapt to the requirements of all clients who have requested our services, working hand in hand with them and assessing their needs. In this way, we have managed to become a benchmark at the national level.

CEARA, experts in engineering and manufacturing of industrial electrical panels

At CEARA we support the automation of processes and the manufacture of electrical panels, in addition to the subsequent start-up and integration with previously existing elements. In the case of the industrial sector, we give our clients the possibility to develop the necessary engineering, its programming and its subsequent integration, thus achieving correct operation.

For the industrial sector, electrical panel manufacturing and engineering services are mainly intended for production.

The most demanded are the following:
  • Low and medium voltage panels. Necessary for the distribution, control or control center of motors.
  • Tables adapted to very specific needs depending on the industry that demands them.

You can request this service from an agri-food company to a steel company.

To offer the engineering and manufacturing service of electrical panels in the industrial sector, a launch meeting is held with the client and the engineering / electrical diagrams validation to proceed with the purchase of materials, wiring and installation. Then we do the testing, packing and transportation. In this case, we will study if we have to go to the client’s facilities to analyze the scope of the intervention that we are going to carry out in order to be able to manufacture the necessary frame.

By choosing us as your company for the automation of processes and the manufacture of electrical panels, you will be counting on a team of great experience and adaptability of the sector. We will help you carry out the engineering development and commissioning of panels and their integration with the plant in a professional way.

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