Steel and mining sector

The steel industry and mining are two economic activities of great importance in our country, not only today, but historically: They were outstanding pieces when Spain entered the Industrial Revolution.

While the steel industry is dedicated to extracting iron in areas such as Asturias and the Basque Country, mining is responsible for extracting different minerals in Huelva, Seville, Salamanca or Orense, among other places on the Iberian Peninsula.

Although they have differences between one or the other, they have similar needs in terms of manufacturing electrical panels. Therefore, when it was time to diversify, we decided that one of our lines of business would focus on both.

Choose us as your electrical panel manufacturing company for the steel and mining sector

At CEARA we know in detail all the needs of our clients in the steel and mining sector thanks to our extensive experience. We have this knowledge by having worked for a long time with companies hand in hand and studying what their requirements are to respond to them.

We offer the most demanded paintings by both sectors:
  • Electrical distribution boards

    A fundamental element of the electricity supply. It separates the electricity supply in different circuits for its protection and for the control of the energy that reaches the distribution systems.

  • Engine control Center

    Board formed by a combination of starters with the capacity to control and protect circuits whose load comes from motors.

Many clients have requested the manufacture of electrical panels for the steel and mining sector. At first, it is important to have a meeting to find out your needs and to get the engineering and electrical schematics validation. Afterwards, we will take care of processes such as the purchase of materials, the wiring, the tests for its operation, the packaging and the transport.

In some cases, due to the importance of this type of work for our clients, it will be necessary go to their facilities to analyze the scope of the intervention to be carried out. In this way, we make sure to manufacture the frame that they really need..

Our clients are leading companies within the national scope. We especially have a strong presence in the mines located in the Andalusian environment, but we can move to any part of the country. Get in touch with us to find out about our electrical panel manufacturing services for the steel and mining sector!

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