Tertiary sector

The tertiary sector produces most of the Spanish GDP and provides about 75% of current employment. The activities within this sector are very varied and all of them are part of the daily life of society, which is why it is important to provide its infrastructures with the best electrical panels.

At CEARA we have one of the largest electrical panel workshops in Andalusia for the tertiary sector. We always consider the needs that customers need to hospitals, hotels, large logistics platforms or exclusive homes, among other types of buildings.

In order to achieve the best results, it has been essential that, since our foundation, the entire team has acquired maximum experience in managing each of the facets of projects for the manufacture of electrical panels for the tertiary sector. We are sure that you will be surprised.

Manufacture of electrical panels for the tertiary sector, key in the economic activity of the country

The tertiary is a key and essential sector in our country, as it represents our largest economic activity. Therefore, it is vital that companies like CEARA take care of their multiple installations by making electrical panels focused on customer needs. Our team has extensive experience working for them, so they know perfectly the requirements to develop a professional service:

  • Distribution boards

    Electrical panels in charge of distributing energy to different points of the building installation. We specialize for the tertiary sector in general low voltage and secondary models.

  • Control panels

    They control the operation of the equipment in a process chain. We offer service and carry out the corresponding maneuvers.

Being such a strategic sector within the country, we decided to focus on it to offer our services. In this way, we have managed to have a great presence in large logistics platforms. Works made like the AMAZON Logistics Center in Dos Hermanas (Seville), the Seville Emergency Hospital, Hotels, La Nueva Ybarra Factory in Seville, Fruit and Vegetable Handling Centers or the Remodeling of the ABB Factories in Córdoba and Sant Quirze (Barcelona) certify CEARA’s manufacturing capacity and know-how. We can both grow together with our electrical panel manufacturing services for the tertiary sector.

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