The Oil & Gas sector is very important internationally, since only in the European Union it produces about 70% of gross energy. All the parts that make up your facilities must be designed correctly so that they remain in perfect condition for a long time, as they use fuels that must be treated with care.

At CEARA we work closely and professionally with companies in the sector. In this way, we have acquired the necessary experience to offer a quality service, customer-oriented, to create projects that meet all the requirements that they ask of us.

Natural gas treatment plants, gas pipelines and underground gas storage systems are just some of the clients that can put themselves in our hands to receive the best service in the manufacture of electrical panels for Oil & Gas.

Manufacture of electrical panels for Oil & Gas of quality

Providing effective comprehensive solutions for this sector is not optional, but mandatory. Due to the fact that these types of facilities have special characteristics, it is important to offer that the service goes through face-to-face support at the power plant to meet their real needs and to know in detail the panel that they will need to have installed.

We offer the following services for the manufacture of electrical panels for Oil & Gas:
  • Electric panels

    These panels are very special due to the sectors where they are to be installed. They have to have high requirements for security and robustness.

  • Metalwork for petrochemical companies

    We elaborate the structures of electrical panels using various metals necessary in the Oil & Gas sector. Our metal carpentry gives us great versatility and versatility in quickly obtaining the solutions that customers need.

As in other services, to start working it is necessary to previously have a launch meeting with the client and obtain the validation of engineering and electrical diagrams. Later, we went on to buy the appropriate materials, and prepare the wiring to proceed with the installation, the relevant tests, to finish packing. The electrical panel is then transported to the customer. In this case, it may also be necessary to visit the facilities to find out which will be the most appropriate.

After all this process, we make sure that the frame fits perfectly with the existing facilities and the environment. To this is added our professionalism and good treatment, which are qualities that have made us stand out both nationally and internationally in the manufacturing services of electrical panels for Oil & Gas.

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