Renewable energy

At CEARA we are very aware of the importance of renewable energies for the present and the future of our planet. Son una inexhaustible and clean source, thereby contributing to the care of our land.

Now more than ever it is important to bet on this type of energy sources, since climate change is a threat that looms closer and closer to us. If we don’t stop it, it will affect us negatively.

For this reason, from CEARA we offer our services of manufacture of electrical panels for renewable energies to the photovoltaic sector: Its facilities in our country account for the production of approximately 30% of all electricity demand in Spain and it is expected to continue increasing. Likewise, at CEARA we are really proud of having actively participated in important international circular economy projects, such as the manufacture of all the control cabinets for the first EAF steel dust recycling plant in China (Changzhou-Jiangsu), the largest steel producer in the world.

Enjoy our services manufacture of electrical panels for renewable energies dedicated to the photovoltaic sector

As a leader in renewable energies in our country, its demands make it necessary for the businesses that work for it to provide the highest quality in each work performed. Thus, the business consolidation that we have been acquiring since our foundation in 2009 has allowed us to expand our business to offer our professional electrical panel manufacturing services for renewable energies to the photovoltaic sector.

We essentially focus on two types of services:
  • Combiner box

    Electric panels typical of photovoltaic generation systems to protect the installation. They allow the ends of a group of solar panels linked in series to be connected in parallel.

  • Auxiliary services panels of alternating and direct current

    Electrical panels that allow to distribute the energy of the auxiliary services.

At CEARA we know the importance of offering our high quality electrical panel manufacturing service for renewable energies to the photovoltaic sector. There are many clients who have trusted us and who have been satisfied with the result. Be one of them by putting yourself in our hands!

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