Startups are small, recently created companies that have a lot of potential to grow quickly through intensive use of information and communication technologies. More and more are being founded in Spain and, furthermore, they constitute a great attraction for new investors due to the great expectation they generate.

Many of them will need intense support from companies such as CEARA to carry out their work, so we have specialized in providing a personalized and professional service for the manufacture of electrical panels for startups. Thanks to him we are supporting these new projects with the correct development of the electrical part of the business.

Being a new sector, it has been very important to renew our knowledge in a short time by accepting projects to obtain the maximum experience. In this way, we have managed to study all your electrical needs in order to offer a professional and close service to customers. They always end up proud with the end result!

Manufacture of electrical panels for startups that require our services

At CEARA we have a series of electrical panel manufacturing services for startups that we can offer to meet your needs. Thanks to the proximity that we always bet on with our customers and the great experience acquired over the years, we know how to make the electrical system and electrical panels that it demands work properly.

The orders demanded by the sector are very varied and depend on the specific project. As an example CEARA has collaborated in:
  • The development of the electric motor of a vehicle destined for the last mile
  • A platform for storing bicycles

It is important to know that, as each service offered has a special process, even if it starts from engineering, we will manufacture the final product as we progress in development. In this way, our clients feel permanently accompanied throughout the project. Something that is sure to be appreciated by people who require the manufacture of electrical panels for startups.

So, our company wants to support national startups so that their future plan has the greatest success and become a benchmark in terms of companies worldwide. Get in touch with us so that we can contribute our grain of sand to your interesting project!

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