Substations for electricity companies

In Spain there are numerous electricity companies. All of them require the implementation of different cabinets and electrical panels as their installation allows them to provide their end user with the energy they need.

Some of the fundamental pieces of this sector are electrical substations. With them, the voltage transformations are carried out until the energy is adapted to the level necessary for its subsequent transmission and distribution..

Thanks to CEARA’s experience and knowledge of such an outstanding sector, we have become, for many of the national companies, the trusted manufacturing company of electrical panels for electrical substations.

Choose us as your electrical panel manufacturing company for electrical substations

At CEARA we know the importance of offering quality work related to the development of electrical panels with the technical specifications of each substation and with the requirements of each electrical company. Therefore, we offer our customers a service that will interest them: the manufacture of low voltage cabinets. With them we equip the substations in their entirety.

Thanks to the manufacture of electrical panels for electrical substations, our clients can request a wide variety of this type of instrument from us.

Among others, we highlight:
  • Auxiliary services of alternating and direct current
  • Line and corporate protection racks under the regulations of electricity companies such as ENDESA or IBERDROLA
  • Overvoltages
  • Accountants
  • Centralization boxes for measuring and protection currents

CEARA has become one of the engineering companies for the development of electrical panels of all kinds nationwide. This is because we have extensive experience and knowledge of the regulations of these cabinets: knowing how to do each type, adjusting to the standards that apply, gives us a quality bonus within the sector.

If you dare to count on us, get in touch. You will surely end up proud of the final result.

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