Electrical panels are necessary in all types of sectors that have infrastructures for their correct operation: the railroad or the naval among many others. All of them must comply with the demanding protocols of current regulations.

At CEARA we know its importance. Therefore, We work closely with the railway sector, achieving proven experience in this type of service. Examples of our greatest achievements have been our participation in the manufacture of railway electrical substations and metro stations for several of the most important projects both nationally and internationally.

On the other hand, CEARA has a firm presence in the naval sector manufacturing both general and secondary panels and cabinets for different shipyards, with strong national and international alliances. This cooperation is due to the fact that in all the projects that we present to you, we are committed to achieving the highest quality. We always get positive words about the end result.

Choose our services manufacture of electrical panels for the railway and naval sector

Many private clients request our electrical panel manufacturing services for the railway and naval sector. We have jointly carried out numerous projects, so we know perfectly what your needs and concerns are.

In this way, we know that it is essential to offer:
  • Electrical panels for the railway sector (train and metro). Needed in stations or substations.
  • Electrical panels for the naval sector. Focused on the needs of ships.

    These electrical panels are divided into two types:

    • Distribution boards. Panels that allow the power to be separated from the electricity in different circuits to control the energy needed by the distribution systems.
    • Control panels. Panels that control the operation of the equipment in a process chain.

Additionally, there is the possibility that we custom manufacture the enclosures that house the electrical panels inside, in addition to the painting of these elements. You will love the final result after hiring our electrical panel manufacturing services for the railway and naval sector!

Our infrastructure service is intended for clients in the private sector. To start your projects, it is important to have a kickoff meeting with them. Afterwards, it is essential to receive the validation of engineering and electrical diagrams to start purchasing materials. Subsequently, we proceed to the wiring and installation, to carry out the tests to verify that everything works correctly and we proceed to the packaging and transport to the destination indicated by the client.

We have one great presence in the railway and naval sector thanks to the extensive experience gained from having worked for them.

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