Water industry

Water is good for everyone. This importance is due to the fact that it is a fundamental part both for our survival and for carrying out different actions in industrial jobs of great repercussion for us.

As we well know, despite the fact that our planet is made up of this precious liquid in 70%, only 0.025% is drinkable. For this reason, it is imperative that the industry that uses it has the ability to treat it correctly.

Therefore, at CEARA we have taken being responsible with the planet very seriously and we offer for this industry different electrical panels for waste water treatment, pumping stations, chlorine … among others.

Caring for the planet through electrical water treatment panels

We know the importance of offering a professional service when developing engineering and manufacturing electrical panels for water treatment. Consequently, all the team that we put at your disposal has a great experience in the sector and will have great knowledge about the development of engineering, the manufacture of cabinets, the use of different materialsand even the programming that your project is going to do. to need.

The paintings that most demand us in the sector are the following:
  • Connection panels
  • Panels of rain pumps
  • SSAA tables
  • Motor control panels
  • Gate frames
  • Panels for pumping stations

The experience acquired after the numerous services offered to large companies and the good work have made us highly recognized in this sector. Works such as the Project for the Improvement of the CGBT Machine Room of Line 1 and the CGBT Screws in the Carambolo Station of Seville, Project of Conditioning and Improvement of the Remote Station of the Gergal Dam in Seville, Storage and Dosing System of Powdered Activated Carbon at the Carambolo ETAP in Seville, Installation of Ecological Drainage and By-pass for the Regulation of Supply Flows in Seville, Control Panels for Desalination Plant in Salalah (Oman), Control Panels for Desalination Plant in Jordan, Control Panels for Protection and Remote Control for Residual Pumps in Malaga, Panels for Seawater Desalination Plant by reverse osmosis in Dubai (UAE), or Engine Control Panels for WWTP in Granada, more than prove our know-how and experience of success in the sector of the Water.

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